About the Collective

The Neotango Collective was formed to bring together tango teachers, organisers, DJs, and anyone involved in tango in any way from anywhere in the world, and to give them a voice to share our love for this unique dance style. Our principles are:

First and foremost, we dance tango for enjoyment and fun.

Tango is complicated enough to learn without the need for unnecessary rules, regulations, and traditions to make it harder.

We are inclusive, and actively encourage anyone from any background, any skill level, and any physical ability to join us on the dance floor.

We support and promote the continuous evolution of tango to include new musical styles and genres, social dances to suit all tastes, and collaboration with other dance styles to expand the tango dancing experience.

But we are more than just a group of like-minded individuals moving in close formation. The Collective exists also to provide resources to the tango community to enable its continued growth and to spread the neotango concept. Our mission is to work together to give you the tools to expand your reach and to teach in ways you never imagined.

This map will be updated as we grow, and will eventually be clickable and zoomable. But for now here are the places where we have a presence.