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Will the Ronda always be Round?

06 Feb 2021 - by Graham of Tangosynthesis

On my radio show the other night I was talking about classes that teach you techniques for dancing in small spaces, and commenting on how useful they are at the moment for those of us trying to dance in our kitchens and bedrooms. Long sweeping moves across the dance floor are equally incompatible with a packed milonga and small rooms at home, and so more than ever people are discovering that there are ways to dance tango that work better in small square available spaces. Turns and pivots are now among the most important techniques you can learn, and along with the in-place change of weight and careful use of the rebotte they have created a version of tango [read more...]

Why start The Collective?

05 Feb 2021 - by Graham

When I first started teaching dance it was in a LeRoc (modern jive) class. How I got there is a story in itself and would be too much detail to go into right now, but importantly I decided that before I started teaching I would make sure that I was a formally qualified dance teacher. I took an exam through The LeRoc Federation and a few weeks later I got a certificate through the post saying that I was fully qualified to teach LeRoc. A while later, through a somewhat unexpected series of events, I found myself teaching tango. And so I set off in search of an equivalent 'tango teaching' qualification that I could do. I assumed that [read more...]

2020 - The Year that Was Not

04 Feb 2021 - by Graham of Tangosynthesis

Well, that was a year. Normally in the first newsletter or blog post after Christmas I would write about all the things that have happened over the last twelve months. I would talk about the festivals we have attended, the concerts we have put on, the achievements and high spots of the year, and what we had planned for the future. But this has been 2020, and as we all know there has been nothing happening anywhere since March. It was the year that dancing stopped. This shutdown has hit the dance and events sectors particularly hard. They are arts industries, and so they are seen as ‘less important’ than other areas by some people and have received [read more...]

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