Dance Teacher Insurance

Whilst there is no legal requirement for dance teachers to be insured, in a litigious world it is more than just a 'good idea' to make sure that you have sufficient cover to protect you in case of a claim or an incident. Full Members have access to a specially tailored insurance policy arranged through our broker that covers everything you need to keep you protected.

  • Public Liability & Professional Indemnity insurance of £1M (up to £10m)
  • Cover across Europe and worldwide
  • Employer's Liability (up to £10m if required)
  • Personal Accident Limit (up to £50k if required)
  • Sports Equipment Limit (up to £6 – 10k if required)
  • Personal Effects Limit (up to £250 if required)

Depending on the options selected, cover can be arranged from as little as £60

Insurance Process

If you are logged in as a Full Member the form to apply for teaching insurance will appear here.

There are no calls to make or brokers to contact. When you log in to this site as a member you get access to a form that you can use to send your details to our insurer. You will be contacted by them within 24-48 hours to complete the transaction.