Who Are We?

The Collective was the brainchild of Graham Guy, who - upon finding himself accidentally teaching tango one evening - went in search of a professional and examination body where he could gain a relevant teaching qualification and discovered that no such thing existed. He started to think about what a tango professional body might look like, and after a few years of kicking the can down the road he eventually decided that he might as well just get on with it and set one up.

The mission of the Neotango Collective is simple: to promote a shared set of values that embody inclusiveness and diversity; to provide resources to tango teachers, organisers, DJs, etc. that would otherwise be hard to find; to offer training in related subjects such as teaching dance to people with disabilities, or running a small business; and to represent our members wherever necessary.

The Committee

  • Graham Guy (chair)
  • Nathalie Komuves


Graham Guy owns and runs Tangosynthesis and Jivebeat. He started dancing in his early forties and has been teaching dance since he qualified as a LeRoc teacher through the UKA in 2015. He has over thirty years of experience in quality systems management and has designed and implemented accreditation and verification systems in some of the most demanding industry sectors.

Join the Committee

If you would like to join the committee then please drop us a line and tell us what you think you could add to the Collective.