Graham Guy

Resident DJ and teacher at TangoSynthesis


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Get ready to think about music for tango in a whole new way - sometimes challenging, sometimes familiar, and sometimes completely unexpected. Graham's DJ sets will take your tango experience in completely new directions, with all modern music, no tandas, and no cortinas, just dancing from the beginning to the end of the evening.

I play a wide range of Neotango, Alternative Tango, and Electro-Nuevo music to bring a distinctive cross genre feel to my Neolongas. I can bring my own PA and lighting equipment, or work with your existing installation.

For a sample of some of my previous playlists, see TangoSynthesis.


Based in the south-east of the UK but will travel.


High quality PA system suitable for venues of up to 300 people.

Multi-point computer controlled lighting system.