Membership Requirements and Benefits

Depending on who you are and where you are, an individual or organisation can join the Collective as either a Supporter or as a Full Member, and the conditions for entry of each of these membership types are given below. The normal route to full membership is to join online* as a Supporter, then apply to become a Full Member.

We have no 'exclusivity' requirement and members are encouraged to join or continue their membership of any other dance organisations that they wish.


Cost: Free

Anyone involved in tango in any way can join as a supporter, including teachers, organisers, musicians, bands, clothing distributors, venues, DJs, technical services, etc.

The only requirements for membership as a Supporter are that you must be connected with tango in some way, and that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of membership

You will be listed on our website, receive our monthly newsletter, be involved in promotions and publicity, and gain access to advice and resources.

Supporters can be located anywhere in the world. For now this is the only membership option available to anyone outside of the UK (see below) but we are looking at ways to fix this.

Full Member

Cost: £25 per year

Full membership of The Neotango Collective is open to anyone or any organisation involved in teaching tango, promoting tango, or organising tango events. However as the mission of the Collective is to uphold and promote professional standards in dance teaching there are certain minimum requirements that must be met before an individual or organisation can be accepted as a full member.

Full Members must:

  • agree to the Terms and Conditions of membership
  • have a data privacy policy clearly displayed on their website and at their venues
  • have an inclusion and diversity policy clearly displayed on their website and at their venues

If you do not have either of the policies you can download a pro-forma template from our document library to help get you started.

In addition to the benefits of being a supporter you will get a verifiable membership number (see here), get discounts on training materials, be eligible for discounted insurance, get discounts in the shop, and be involved in premium promotion activities. You will also be consulted about future policy decisions and activities of the collective.

Please note that at the moment due to the policies and restrictions imposed by the UK government it is not possible for us to accept paying members from outside the UK at this time. We are looking at ways to get around this and will update this site as we progress.

Accredited Member

Cost: POA

This is not a separate membership type as in order to become accredited you must first be a full member. Accreditation is a separate process that an organisation or a teacher can opt into which allows them to demonstrate that they operate to a high level of compliance with our standards and policies.

More details will become available soon as we continue development on the accreditation path.

Cost: POA