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Disclaimer: These documents are provided as-is with no warranty or guarantee of any kind as to their suitability or applicability to any organisation. The Neotango Collective will accept no liability for any direct or consequential losses that result from the use of these documents howsoever caused. It is recommended that you take independent legal advice before using or relying on the contents of these documents.

Available to Anyone

Terms and Conditions

Template document - A starting point for a set of Terms and Conditions for your dance school. You may adapt and modify this document as necessary to fit your requirements.


Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Template Document - If you need to create an Inclusivity policy for your dance school you can use this document as a starting point.


Data Privacy Policy

Template Document - A basic data privacy policy that you can modify as appropriate to suit your data uses and the way you work in your organisation.



Members Only

Additional material is available to Members of the Collective.